Linux, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Javascript and PHP


Installing mod_ssl on Apache on CentOS 5

I was moving a customer’s website from its old dedicated web server to a shiny new one, installing CentOS 5

Apache Linux/Unix/BSD

Overriding the AWStats LogFile Configuration Option

I run AWStats on one of my servers and it copies files over from some of the other servers


PHP echo with commas versus concatenation

"echo" and "print" are used in PHP for writing strings out to a stream. I


Using Ctrl+Alt+F1 in a VMWare Virtual Machine

I use VMWare Workstation 6.0 for testing out various Linux distributions either to run live CDs or install a full

Email Servers

Sendmail remote connection refused

How to enable sendmail to accept remote connections. By default most distributions (or when compiling sendmail yourself) will only

Email Servers

Opening port 25 for mail servers with iptables

If you cannot connect remotely to sendmail, postfix or other mail servers on port 25 make sure you have the

Email Servers

Sendmail Connection Refused on localhost

RedHat often misconfigures the /etc/hosts file when setting the system up and sendmail is unable to send messages,

Email Servers

Configure postfix to accept mail from external connections

Postfix by default on CentOS 5 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux is configured to only receive mail on the local


Process Forking with PHP

This article covers howto fork a child process using the PHP command line client and PHP process control functions.


Errors Compiling PHP with Sablotron

When compiling PHP with Sablotron there are errors which prevent PHP from compiling. This article covers what you need

Linux/Unix/BSD Networking

Prevent hostname lookups with openssh sshd

When you connect to an OpenSSH sshd server, it is configured by default to do a hostname lookup on


Load Javascript files asynchronously

It’s annoying when a web page is loading and gets stuck downloading a Javascript file from a remote domain.

Networking Windows

Ports used for Windows Virtual Private Networks

To connect to a remote Windows Virtual Private Network you need to open up TCP port 1723 and IP protocol


POP3 Commands

The commands used to retrive mail from a POP3 server by an email client are a series of text

Networking Windows

Open firewall ports for MSN Messenger and ICQ

To connect to MSN Messenger and ICQ instant messaging servers through a firewall you will need to open up



phpMyAdmin is a tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL using a web browser and


Errors Using mysqlimport to Import Data Into MySQL

The article covers the errors that can occur when using mysqlimport to import data into the popular open-source MySQL


Formatting Dates and Times with MySQL

Dates and times are stored in MySQL in the format "YYYY-MM-DD" and "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS&

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