Reinstall TCP/IP on Windows XP

After adding a new network interface to my Windows XP computer networking stopped working completely. I uninstalled the McAfee Security Center but that didn’t help. This article looks at the steps I did to uninstall and reinstall TCP/IP networking on Windows XP.

Open firewall ports for MSN Messenger and ICQ

To connect to MSN Messenger and ICQ instant messaging servers through a firewall you will need to open up outbound ports to connect to them. This article describes which ports to open and has an example of how to do it using a Dynalink RTA200 ADSL router.

POP3 Commands

The commands used to retrive mail from a POP3 server by an email client are a series of text commands with single line responses from the mail server. This article lists the most common commands and has an example for using each one in a POP3 conversation

Prevent hostname lookups with openssh sshd

When you connect to an OpenSSH sshd server, it is configured by default to do a hostname lookup on your IP address. If there are any issues with the DNS configuration on the host machine, or with the DNS server it is using, this can lead to a delay when logging in using ssh for around 30 seconds. It is very easy to switch this host name lookup function off in the sshd_config file.