RewriteRule redirect without the query string

When redirecting all requests from one domain name to another one when the URL structure has changed, you’ll ideally want to craft redirects from the old scheme to the new one. Sometimes this is too complex or messy, and it’s easiest to just redirect everything to the new domain’s homepage. If they have query strings at the end of the URL then Apache’s RedirectMatch and RewriteRule with automatically include the query string in the redirect location. This post shows how to solve this.

Stop logging “internal dummy connection” in Apache

Apache 2.x keeps child processes alive by creating internal connections which appear in the log files as "internal dummy connection" on the IP address ::1 or If you ever monitor Apache log files you’ll see a lot of these in the log files. This post shows how to prevent logging for these two IP addresses so your log files won’t get filled up with these.