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PageUp and PageDown history search auto completion on the BASH shell

From the BASH shell it’s possible to have auto-completion where you start to type in part of a command,


Switching SELinux off on CentOS 5

Security-Enhanced Linux, also know as SELinux, implements various security policies on Linux and additional levels of access crontrol. It

Netbeans Quick Tip: Syntax Highlighting and File Extensions
Quick Tips

Netbeans Quick Tip: Syntax Highlighting and File Extensions

If you have some random file name extension (such as .ss for SilverStripe templates) which Netbeans doesn’t know about,


PHP Register Long Arrays HTTP_POST_VARS

I have been in the process of moving my websites from a dedicated machine running Gentoo Linux to a


Using PHP’s scandir() function to find files in a directory

There are a number of ways to find the files in a directory with PHP. I’ve covered


Compressing files on Apache with mod_deflate

It’s possible with the Apache web server to compress files that are sent to the browser so less bandwidth


Install the MSSQL module for PHP on CentOS 5

Unfortunately there is no pre-built module/extension for MSSQL for PHP in the Yum repositories for CentOS 5, so you

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Postfix SMTP Auth Error “no SASL authentication mechanisms”

I have been setting up a new mail server recently with Postfix and SMTP Auth, and got the error

HTML And CSS Javascript PHP

Javascript and CSS file timestamps with PHP

Many websites I have worked on have frequently modified CSS style sheets and Javascript library files. In order to


Mozilla Thunderbird exceeded maximum number of connections to IMAP server

When looking at emails in several IMAP folders one after the other in Mozilla Thunderbird, I got the following

Email Servers

Spamassassion connection refused

If you get a message like the one following, then you are filtering emails through spamassasin using /usr/bin/


Setting the tab size in nano

Nano is a text editor used on Linux and Unix based systems and is an enchanced free clone of

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Dovecot dead but subsys locked error

When you restart dovecot, if it won’t start up again it’s likely the process crashed on startup but left


Logging queries with MySQL

It is possible to log all queries done by the MySQL server. To enable MySQL logging, the MySQL manual


Use of www in website addresses

Tim Berners-Lee is the creator of the "World Wide Web" and the www prefix used in so


Nslookup: command not found error on CentOS 5

I've just started using a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with CentOS 5.0 i386 as the virtual server operating system,


Install yum with rpm on CentOS

I set up a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with Net24 today

Apache Linux/Unix/BSD

Installing AWStats on CentOS

AWStats provides a useful overview of website statistics from your Apache log files. There is no automatic way to

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