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How to use a flash card reader with Linux

This article looks at how to mount a USB flash card reader and flash cards plugged into it with


Correcting the PHP timezone

The end of daylight savings in New Zealand has been changed from Sunday March 16th (today) to Sunday April 6

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PS/2 Y Splitter on Single PS2 Port

A PS/2 Y splitter is a clever little adapter or cable which lets you plug a PS/2 keyboard and

Case Studies

Flaxmill Bay Website

The Flaxmill Bay website advertises a five and a half acres (2.34 ha) development in Coromandel, New Zealand. The purpose of

Reverse Mapping Checking – Possible Break-in Attempt Error with SSH

When you connect to a host using SSH or SFTP it does a series of checks to ensure


Using the MySQL command line tool

MySQL has a useful command line tool which can be used to query and manage databases and users. This

Linux/Unix/BSD PHP

Install PHP PECL on CentOS

When trying to install the PECL timezonedb module onto one of my webservers the other


301 redirect with PHP

When you change the URL/URI of a page, a permanent redirection should be set up from the old


Howto Restart Apache

If you have made changes to the Apache configuration file httpd.conf, or one of the other included configuration

Linux/Unix/BSD Quick Tips

Change the timezone on CentOS

I recently needed to set up a CentOS 5 box and completely forgot how to set the timezone. There’s apparantly


Find the length of the longest string in MySQL

There are a number of string functions in MySQL for extracting text, working out the position of a substring,


Set the default font size for phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a web based administrative tool for the MySQL database server. After logging in to phpMyAdmin there’s a


Show Outlook envelope icon in Windows system tray

By default Outlook has a little envelope icon in the system tray; the system tray is where all those


Stop logwatch reporting on a particular service on CentOS

logwatch is a system log analyzer and reporter which emails daily reports about information in the system log files


How to tell if it’s a leap year with PHP

PHP contains a useful date function which can be used to determine if the current year or a specific


Running queries from the MySQL Command Line

The MySQL command line tool allows you to run queries and administer databases from the command line. In

Apple Magic Trackpad on Windows (not Boot Camp)
Offsite Articles OSX Windows

Apple Magic Trackpad on Windows (not Boot Camp)

I started using an Apple Magic Trackpad yesterday and already far prefer it to a mouse (I’ll do a


Get message body and attachments using PHP IMAP

The last post looked at how to get a message structure using the PHP IMAP functions into an easier

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