Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts

I recently reinstalled the operating system on my MacBookPro and discovered when trying to SSH into a new server for the first time I was getting the error "Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts (/Users/chris/.ssh/known_hosts)." This post shows what I needed to do to fix them problem.

Change Mac OS X DNS servers from the command line

I frequently need to change the DNS servers I use on my Mac and it can be quite a convoluted process to switch them around using the GUI settings. This post shows how quickly you can change between DNS server settings from the command line using terminal.

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Disable the screenshot shadow on Mac OS X

When you take screenshots on Mac OS X there’s a shadow around the screenshot by default. This post shows how to disable the shadow from the screenshot and how to subsequently restore the shadow.

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How to disable spotlight indexing on Mac OSX

Spotlight is a useful Mac app for launching apps, finding files and other stuff on your computer, and a whole bunch of other nifty little things. Since upgrading to Lion I’ve been finding it doing some serious CPU hogging for long periods of time while it updates its index, and because I use very few of the features I decided to switch Spotlight’s indexing off.

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Using purge to free inactive memory on Mac OS X

Apple Mac OS X is generally good at memory management but I sometimes find the inactive memory takes a long time to be released as free memory and my system can grind to a bit of a halt if I need to start up a virtual machine. This post shows how to use the purge command to free up the inactive memory.

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