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Tips tricks and how tos for using Apple Mac OSX

OSX is Apple’s UNIX based operating system and GUI that has been sold since 2002 as a replacement for the classic Mac OS which ended at version 9. This section contains tips and tricks and howtos for using OSX. I have been using OSX as my day to day desktop and development environment since June 2010.

How to clear the DNS cache on Mac OSX

DNS lookups are cached so that subsequent lookups for the same host don’t require querying an external DNS server again until the TTL expires. Sometimes you need to clear the cache, for example if you’ve changed a DNS record, and this post shows how to do it on Mac OSX.

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Remap quit and close tab shortcut keys etc in Mac OS X

I’m the king of hitting random shortcut key combinations and doing unexpected things and often accidentally close a tab or the entire window in Google Chrome while editing some content on one of my websites. Which means having to go back and re-write that content… I’d have enough of that so decided to work out how to remap the Cmd+Q and Cmd+W keys so I could no longer accidentally shut down a tab or window when really meaning to copy n paste or select all (or some other well meaning shortcut).

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Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts

I recently reinstalled the operating system on my MacBookPro and discovered when trying to SSH into a new server for the first time I was getting the error "Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts (/Users/chris/.ssh/known_hosts)." This post shows what I needed to do to fix them problem.

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How to disable spotlight indexing on Mac OSX

Spotlight is a useful Mac app for launching apps, finding files and other stuff on your computer, and a whole bunch of other nifty little things. Since upgrading to Lion I’ve been finding it doing some serious CPU hogging for long periods of time while it updates its index, and because I use very few of the features I decided to switch Spotlight’s indexing off.

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Using purge to free inactive memory on Mac OS X

Apple Mac OS X is generally good at memory management but I sometimes find the inactive memory takes a long time to be released as free memory and my system can grind to a bit of a halt if I need to start up a virtual machine. This post shows how to use the purge command to free up the inactive memory.

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“Error opening terminal xterm-color” on Mac OSX Terminal

If you are connecting to a remote server from the Mac OS X terminal and get the message "Error opening terminal: xterm-color" when doing certain operations on the remote server, then you either change your terminal’s declaration setting or add a TERM declaration to the bash profile on the server at the other end to prevent the error message from happening. There may be other ways to solve it at the server end but this post shows a quick and easy fix.

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Fix “the operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some of the items” error on OSX

I run my webserver and file server from a virtual machine with the files shared using Samba (yes, now that I’m running on OSX I should really share the files with NFS but that’s for another day). When trying to copy files from the Mac to the Samba share I was getting the error message "The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some of the items".

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