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Feedly icon appearing over web pages

When Google announced the death of Google Reader, the RSS reading world threw their hands up in collective horror. And then we discovered there were better alternatives, such as Feedly. Feedly has a Chrome plugin, which from yesterday/today has "Feedly Mini" which appears on the bottom right of all pages. I find this somewhat annoying, but it’s very easy to disable.


  • Go to Chrome’s options.
  • Select "Extensions" from the left nav
  • Uncheck the "enabled" checkbox next to the feedly plugin to completely disable the plugin OR
  • Click "Options" under the feedly plugin THEN
  • Uncheck the "Show feedly mini icon on the bottom right of each page" option
  • You will need to reload pages for the icon to go away

More information

There’s really not much more to it than the above, other than to send you in the direction of the blog post annoucing that "Feedly Mini is Back" which also covers some of the things it does.

I had forgotten that I’d installed a Feedly plugin, so was somewhat surprised when Chrome suddenly started showing a Feedly icon bottom right on all pages and though it was some sort of browser bug. Restarting didn’t solve the problem, and Google quickly found me the above blog post which steered me in the right direction.

Note as per the Feedly blog post, should you wish to use it, Feedly Mini is currently only available for Chrome but Firefox and Safari are in the pipeline, as is support for https pages.