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Web Developer Form Filler plugin for Google Chrome

I need to test web forms a fair bit, and there’s also a particular online registration website that I can’t get all the information I need until I’ve submitted an initial form, and got tired of always filling these forms in. So enter the search for a decent automated form filler plugin for Google Chrome.


After trying out a couple, Web Developer Form Filler did exactly what I want with a nice interface, so I didn’t look any further.

Longer answer with screenshots

I can’t remember what the first form filling plugin I tried was, but it didn’t really work as I wanted, which was to easily save the contents of an existing form and then populate a form with the saved data, from one of multiple URLs using the same form.

Plugins like this are useful for both developers like me, and also if you ever complete the same form on the same website many times over and want to save time next time.

The second one I tried was the web developer form filler, which can be installed here.

It puts a little pencil icon in the plugin area next to Chrome’s omni bar and when you click it you can save the current form (and give it a useful name) or click “Restore” to load the form values into the current form:

web form filler plugin screenshot 1

The little cog icon button gives you some extra options. The list of saved forms will match the filter criteria, so you have to option to change the filter or show all the saved forms to choose from.

web form filler plugin screenshot 2

Nice little plugin and has worked really well for me so far.

There was an error message the first time I tried to use it, but I suspect it’s because I was trying to do something with a form that was already loaded up before I installed the plugin. After reloading the form it all worked smoothly.