Linux, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Javascript and PHP


Ubuntu enable ssh

Setting a remote connection between a client and server can be dangerous without first setting proper security measures. A secure

How To Install Pip3

Having a management system for installing python-based software can be useful. This makes it easier to navigate through python-based applications

How To Use Bash if else Statement

Decision making is at the heart of computer programming. Which is why conditional statements play a crucial role in the

Symbolic link Linux

A symbolic link is a special file that provides Linux users with a reference to another file or directory. We

Ubuntu list users

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through different ways to list users in Linux. Being able to list users

Untar tar.gz

A tar file which is also referred to as a tarball, is a collection of files that provides easier storage.

Scp command

The scp command is a command-line utility primarily used to securely copy directories or files between two hosts or locations.

How to Install Linux screen

Have you experienced working on a remote machine, only for your connection to suddenly drop, thus resulting in unsaved work

Changing the color of the BASH shell prompt

It’s possible to change the contents and color of the BASH shell prompt. My SSH sessions use a white
Applications Quick Tips

Google Analytics Asynchronous Tracking – Additional Pageviews

Google released asynchronous tracking for Google Analytics earlier this year and I posted an example HTML page showing how to

How to copy the OSX Lion installer to prevent multiple downloads

Apple’s OSX Lion upgrade is available from the App store as an almost 4GB download, and a single purchase

Embed literal text in PHP date format strings

The tip offered in this post is actually documented in date page of the PHP manual but it’s one

Check if a MySQL table exists

MySQL has a couple of ways (that I know of, there may be more) of working out if a table

Add the RPMForge custom repository to CentOS

The RPMForge custom repository has a lot of useful software applications for CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux which aren’

Why a VPN is Important?

Privacy and the protection of private information have really taken the limelight over the past few years. Just last year,

VyprVPN Review

Where VyprVPN Started With technology becoming more and more advanced, our privacy and the protection of our information is in

PureVPN vs NordVPN

PureVPN vs NordVPN – Which Reigns Supreme? In a world where much of our daily lives rely on the internet, you

NordVPN vs ExpressVPN

NordVPN vs ExpressVPN – Which Reigns Supreme? In our world today, so much is done via the internet. We are constantly
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