Get the mouse co-ordinates with jQuery when an element is clicked

My last jQuery post looked at how to get the mouse co-ordinates with jQuery as the mouse moves around the page or over a particular element. This post looks at how to get the mouse co-ordinates when an element is clicked.


Click the "MOUSE CLICK AREA" below and the x and y co-ordinates in the block below will be updated. Click in different places and it will update. In order for the example below to work, this post must be read in a web browser. If you are viewing this in a feed reader please click through to view the post on my blog.


The jQuery Code

The code to make the above work looks like so, where #mouse-click is the big grey div which is capturing the clicks and #mouse-xy is the div which outputs the result.

    $('#mouse-xy').html("X: " + e.pageX + " Y: " + e.pageY);

Finding the mouse location relative to the element

The above example shows the mouse position on click relative to the document as a whole. In my next jQuery post I show how to get the mouse position within the element i.e. so that clicking the top-left corner of the div will yield 0,0 as the coordinates.