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How to download the XenServer XenCenter client

I help to manage some virtual servers running on a XenServer host and there’s a management tool call XenCenter. I needed to install XenCenter again but couldn’t manage to find the installer on the Citrix website. This post shows the issue I had and where you can download it from.

The XenCenter installer no longer appears to be on the Citrix website

On the XenCenter page, it says:

XenCenter is available as a Windows Installer package (.msi) from any of these places:

– the XenServer product CDs, in the client_install directory;
– if you have an installed XenServer, navigate to the address of your server in your web browser;
– from http://www.citrix.com/xenserver/download (follow the link to "Get helpful resources").

The natural thing to do is to click the link and go get the download. The only catch is, Citrix must have done a recent update to the website and following the helpful resources link doesn’t get you to XenCenter.

Searching their site, creating an account to view all downloads, etc, etc doesn’t find the XenCenter installer anywhere…

The XenCenter installer can be downloaded from your XenServer

Fortunately, the answer is contained in their instructions (the second option). You can navigate to your XenServer in a browser and there’s a link in the page to download the installer!

On your server’s page, you’ll find this section:


This is the management client for XenServer. Install it on the Windows management station you plan to use to manage your XenServer hosts.

The latest edition of XenCenter is available here. Alternatively, a local copy of the XenCenter Installation CD is available on this server, that includes the XenCenter MSI installation file.

The link to the latest edition is broken; it goes to a 404 page. So click the "XenCenter MSI installation file" link instead; that’s the copy of the installer on your server.

As an example, if your server’s IP address is, the link will be to: