Windows 7 Pricing – WTF?

I guess Microsoft want people to move to OS/X and Linux…


What are they thinking? Have they forgotten an operating system is a commodity? I really do like Windows 7, having tried both the beta and RC.

But, I am a Linux geek. I did run Linux on my desktop once upon a time (for 5 years) (and sold it on CD) (and still do use it, and probably always will, on my web servers). I now run the RC of Windows 7 on a laptop and desktop and can do so for a few more months. But their pricing structure is really making me think WTF?!

I’m not spending NZD$1000 to NZD$1200 to run W7 Ultimate on my desktop and laptop. And I don’t want "Home Premium". What blows me away is that even a upgrade/new copy of Home Premium costs NZ$249/NZ$389. Prof/Ultimate is NZ$499/599.