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Where are Vudu To Go downloaded movies stored on my Mac?

The Vudu To Go app allows you to download movies you have purchased from Vudu* and stores them on your computer to watch using the app. But where are the files stored?

Location of Vudu To Go files on a Mac

The files are stored at /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/com.vudu.air.DownloaderLocal Store

When browsing for that location in Finder, click the "Go" file menu option and hold down the option key to show the "Library" option.

Then locate "Preferences"

Then "com.vudu.air.Downloader"

The "Local Store"

Under the local store you will find folders named with numbers. The media files are there.

Copying the files to another computer

It is possible to copy them to another computer in the same location. I attempted to copy the entire com.vudu.air.Downloader folder but it kept crashing on the other computer.

So I deleted it and ran the app again, started downloading the movie, shut down the app, copied the movie directory over and it worked fine. You probably don't need to go through the "start download and stop the app" step and can probably just copy the movie directory over, just probably don't mess with the files in the root level of that folder.

Can you control where they are saved?

No, but it might be possible to symlink the directory location to somewhere else, e.g. an external hard drive, but I haven't tried this myself.

Can you download rented movies too?

* I noted at the start that Vudu 2 Go lets you download movies you purchased with Vudu, but possibly it can let you download the ones you've rented too. I'm not sure about this, either way.