Useful Links

This is a list of sites that I find interesting or contain resourcesthat are used by Chris Hope and The Electric Toolbox.

The Apache Project
Apache is a open source webserver
which is used by The Electric Toolbox and Webenz to host a large number of

PHP is a powerful open source server-sided
scripting language which is used on millions of sites around the world.
The Electric Toolbox website is written in PHP and I have been using PHP
since 1999.

MySQL is a fast and reliable database
management system. And guess what? The Electric Toolbox website uses MySQL
as its database backend. Again, I’ve been using MySQL since 1999, both on
Windows and Linux.

Tony Marston on PHP and

Tony Marston is a UK software engineer who develops web
applications with PHP and MySQL and has almost 30 years programming
experience. His site contains many useful articles and commentaries on
PHP, MySQL and styles of programming.

Mark Nagy’s New Zealand Photos
Mark is a friend of
mine who takes some damn fine photos of our great country. Go check it out

The World Clock
If you used the world clock
website you need never be confused about international time zones again.
Their customisable Java applet is fantastic when you have customers or
suppliers in other countries and don’t want to wake them up in the middle
of the night for an important phone call…

Netcraft Web Server Survey
Want to know what
that site’s running? Use this fantastic tool from Netcraft. It will even
show you how long the server has been up for if it’s one they monitor

PHP PEAR Repository
If you’re a PHP programmer this
is an invaluable resource for the PHP PEAR libraries. I currently only use
the mail, mime mail and database libararies but there’s heaps of stuff in
here, all nicely documented. The documentation could use with some better
examples though. Note that PEAR is installed with PHP by default.