How to use a flash card reader with Linux

This article looks at how to mount a USB flash card reader and flash cards plugged into it with Linux. Also covered is how to make it easy to mount with a desktop icon in KDE and how to scan the SCSI bus to locate the device name and number.

Install PHP PECL on CentOS

When trying to install the PECL timezonedb module onto one of my webservers the other day, I discovered that the PECL library was not installed. (PECL is a repository for PHP extensions). I did a Google search for how to install PECL but couldn’t find anything to help. In the end I managed to work out that by installing PEAR, PECL is installed as well.

Reverse Mapping Checking – Possible Break-in Attempt Error with SSH

When you connect to a host using SSH or SFTP it does a series of checks to ensure you are connecting to the host you are expecting to connect to. One of these is a reverse lookup on the IP address to check the hostname is the same as the hostname you are connecting to. If it’s not, you’ll get an error message like "reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for … POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!". The post looks at a solution to this message.