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iPhone 6 and Responsive Web Design

So Apple have announced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, featuring bigger phones than before. As a web developer creating responsive websites, does the size matter?


While it might be an issue for app developers, it shouldn’t be if you’re a web developer, because there already a bazillion screen resolutions and you should be designing for breakpoints, not resolution.

I liked this Tweet, which I think sums it up perfectly:

Here’s a couple of good articles on the subject:

Defining Breakpoints (“Breakpoints are the point a which your sites content will respond to provide the user with the best possible layout to consume the information.”)

Logical Breakpoints For Your Responsive Design (“There are several tactics for deciding where to put breakpoints in a responsive design. There is the rusty idea that they should be based on common screen sizes, but this doesn’t scale well. There are no “common” screen sizes. Another popular tactic is to create a breakpoint wherever the layout breaks.”)

Further reading

I added this on September 13th 2014: What iPhone 6 screen size means for developers was posted on Clean Crisp Code.