Style an HTML form input with CSS and jQuery

It’s possible with CSS to style a particular form input type without having to assign a class to each one with the special style. For example you may want to add a margin before radio buttons in a form but not all the other input elements. Unfortunately this doesn’t work in Internert Explorer 6 (which still has about 25% market share as at the writing of this post) but there is a way around this using Javascript. In this post I’ll look at both the CSS way of doing this and then also using the jQuery Javascript library.

Javascript and CSS file timestamps with PHP

Many websites I have worked on have frequently modified CSS style sheets and Javascript library files. In order to prevent Javascript errors or layout and style issues caused by web browsers caching these files, I used to rename the file for each revision, and then modify the name of the CSS or JS file in my PHP header include files. This article looks out how I now do this using the modified timestamp of the file.