Debian releases and names

Debian releases are named after characters from Toy Story and are frequently referred to with the name rather than the version. This post is for my own quick reference for the version-to-name of each Debian release.

Debian version names

I’ve added the Toy Story character name into each row as well, because sometimes they’re not completely obvious. For example, even though I’ve seen all the movies, it took looking up the name behind "Squeeze" to know it was the alien toys who first appeared in Toy Story 2.

VersionCode nameRelease dateToy Story character
1.1Buzz1996-06-17Buzz Lightyear
1.2Rex1996-12-12Rex (the T-Rex)
1.3Bo1997-06-05Bo Peep
2.0Hamm1998-07-24Hamm (the pig)
2.1Slink1999-03-09Slinky Dog
2.2Potato2000-08-15Mr Potato Head
3.0Woody2002-07-19Woody the cowboy
3.1Sarge2005-06-06Sarge from the Bucket O’ Soldiers
4.0Etch2007-04-08Etch, the Etch-A-Sketch
5.0Lenny2009-02-14Lenny, the binoculars
6.0Squeeze2011-02-06Squeeze toy aliens
7Wheezy2013-05-04Wheezy the penguin
8Jessie2015-04-26Jessie the cowgirl
9Stretch2017-06-17Rubber octopus from Toy Story 3
10Busternot yet releasedAndy’s pet dog
11BullseyeNot yet releasedWoody’s horse
 Sid"unstable"The next door neighbour

Debian always has at least three releases in active maintenance: stable (currently Stretch), testing (currently Buster) and unstable, which is permanently named Sid after the boy next door in Toy Story 1 who liked to destroy toys.

Bulk of the development work is uploaded to the “Sid” distribution. This distribution will never get released. instead, packages from it will propagate into testing and then into a real release.