Linux, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Javascript and PHP


Web Developer Form Filler plugin for Google Chrome

I need to test web forms a fair bit, and there’s also a particular online registration website that I



I came across a MySQL setting recently called SQL_SELECT_LIMIT which limits the maximum number of rows returned from

Find the index of an item in a Javascript array

Javascript 1.6 introduced the Array.indexOf() function. Javascript 1.6 is available in Firefox from version 1.5 and current versions of Chrome, Safari


jQuery Superfish Menus Plug-in and Caching the menu

My last jQuery post looked at the Superfish plug-in showing how easy


Internet Explorer 7 issues with jQuery animation and position:relative

Internet Explorer 7 can have issues with rendering jQuery animations if some of the properties that are to be animated have

jQuery Facebox dialog with opaque background

A few months ago I posted how to make the web page behind a jQuery Facebox inline popup grey


PHP’s heredoc strings

PHP has heredoc syntax similar to other programming and scripting languages which allow multi line strings containing variables to


parseInt(’08’) returns 0 with Javascript

I came across a rather interesting problem with the Javascript parseInt() function a couple of days ago; if the


Different home page and sub pages with SilverStripe

The SilverStripe CMS makes it very easy to have a slightly different layouts between pages by creating another page


Notepad++ fails to update

Notepad++ is a feature rich Windows Notepad replacement. It contains an automatic package update feature in more recent versions


MySQL table is marked as crashed and should be repaired

How do you fix the error when running a query on a MySQL table and get the following error: &


Using PHP’s glob() function to find files in a directory

A couple of weeks ago I posted how to read through a directory with PHP using the opendir() readdir()

Miscellaneous Postings

Amazon’s Kindle DX

I got an email in my inbox yesterday about the new Amazon Kindle DX with Global Wireless which looks pretty

BootStrapDotNetAsssitantExtension error in Firefox

Microsoft Windows installs a .NET Framework Assistant for Firefox which cannot be removed from the Firefox add-ons menu and

Linux/Unix/BSD Quick Tips

Using find to locate all zero length files

A little while ago I posted how to use the Linux/Unix/OSX find command to 

Email Servers

Discard mail with exim4 using :blackhole:

The most obvious way to discard mail to a particular alias with the exim4 mail server is to send


Getting ready for HTML 5

I started working on the template for a new website today and decided to have a look at HTML 5


Debian releases and names

Debian releases are named after characters from Toy Story and are frequently referred to with the name rather than

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