Javascript UNIX timestamp converter

I often need to convert UNIX timestamps from log files into a human readable format and need a quick and easy to access tool for doing so, and have written up this post with the converter tool followed by an explanation of the Javascript code behind it.

Running Javascript functions after Disqus has loaded

Disqus is a 3rd party hosted Javascript comments system for websites which I use on several of my websites including this one. Disqus has an undocument set of callback functions which can be called after it has finished loading, when new comments are posted, etc.

Toggling a password field between plain text and password

Some time back I posted how to show plain text in a password field and make it a regular password field on focus using jQuery, so that it could show some default text (i.e. "password") before anything was entered and then work like a normal password field when the user started typing text into it.

As someone a couple of days ago pointed out in the comments on that page, while it’s not possible to change the type of a password input with jQuery, it is with regular Javascript. So this post shows how to do just that and which browsers do and don’t support it.