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How to disable Flash in Firefox

I recently needed to test what some web pages looked like when Flash was disabled to show a prompt to install Flash, and discovered how to disable Flash temporarily in Firefox.

Tools -> Add-ons -> Plugins

To disable Flash in Firefox open up the Add-ons dialog. In the Windows versions of Firefox this done by selecting “Tools” then “Add-ons” from the menus, and then clicking the “Plugins” button.

In the Debian version (and probably other Linux distros) of Icemonkey (the equivilent of Firefox) it’s also under Tools -> Add-ons. I assume it’s the same for the OSX version but don’t know for sure.

The “Plugins” button is highlighted with a red circle in the screenshot below.

disable flash in firefox

Now scroll down through the list of plugins until you find “Shockwave Flash”. Then click the “Disable” button (highlighted with the red box in the above screenshot) and it will then disable Flash. The button label will then change to “Enable” and it’s simply a matter of clicking it again to enable Flash again.

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How to change the remote url for your local git repository

If you’ve moved a git repository from one git hosting service to another, transferred from one account to another at the same service, or moved your own repository servers around the place, you’ll need to change the remote url for you local repository to be able to continue pushing and pulling changes, etc.

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Purge all Google Chrome user data on a Mac

In Google Chrome you can easily purge browsing data including cookies, history, etc using the application preferences. But there are still a bunch of files that it doesn’t touch. I was having some weird issues with my SilverStripe installs (I won’t go into that here) which didn’t happen when using incognito mode but did under normal browsing. Deleting all browsing data made no difference so I needed to really poke under the hood to delete all data.

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How to download the XenServer XenCenter client

I help to manage some virtual servers running on a XenServer host and there’s a management tool call XenCenter. I needed to install XenCenter again but couldn’t manage to find the installer on the Citrix website. This post shows the issue I had and where you can download it from.

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